Conch Custard was born GREEN

As a business in the Florida Keys, we recognize that we have a great responsibility to protect our unique environment.

Our ecosystem is very fragile, and we understand that minor abuses can upset this delicate place we call home.

For this reason, Conch Custard has spared no expense to assure our customers that the trash that is produced while serving our customers is biodegradable and compostable wherever possible.

Our cups, bowls & pints are made of paper and our spoons are made of wood. Our lids and straws are made of PLA bioplastic, which is biodegradable and made from the rapidly renewable plant starch in corn or tapioca.

We have even invested in paper To-Go-Bags vs. plastic. These eco-friendly items come at a cost, but we feel that this investment in our environment and our future generations is worth it.

Conch Custard will never compromise our eco responsibilities for profit. Whether you are a local or a visitor, we want you to know there’s nothing more important to us than conserving and preserving this precious resource we call home.

Please share in our passion and do your part by keeping your trash in the cans and use eco-friendly materials whenever possible.


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